Questions about counseling? Or want to make an appointment?

If you’d like to ask me questions about counseling or schedule an appointment, please contact me and give as much information as you are comfortable with here (but at least an email or phone number so I can get back to you).  Don’t worry,  you can ask questions and I won’t pressure you to make an appointment.  I may even be able to direct you to some free or inexpensive resources before you try counseling. Many people want to learn more about what actually happens in counseling sessions before they make a decision about it. I’m happy to describe how I work with different situations and concerns. I think a good counselor or therapist should be able to explain how they work so you know what to expect and can make decisions about whether their style of counseling is right for you.

I use Solution Focused counseling in most situations but will occasionally do some education around certain areas if it seems more helpful. This is usually the case when parents come for counseling to find better ways to help their children develop better behavior or coping skills. When working with concerns like anxiety in teenagers, I often provide some education about how anxiety works as well as specific skills to deal with anxiety. Again, feel free to contact me to ask any questions about counseling you may have.

This is my Grand Rapids/Ada counseling office where we’ll work together to find some solutions to your problem.  We are located in a woodsy area and get lots of visits from deer, turkeys, birds, and squirrels. Lots of windows let in light and the view, but don’t worry about privacy; the windows are reflective on the outside so you can see out but people can’t see in.

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