Individual Counseling

Many people wonder what individual counseling is like and what to expect.  With Solution Focused counseling, you may need to tell me about yourself and the concerns that bring you to counseling.  Once I know what your concerns are, we’ll shift our discussion to help you get a clear picture of what positive changes you’re trying to make when your concerns are gone or at least under control.  I’ll ask you some questions to help you add detail to what this picture of your preferred future looks like and what will be different for you when these things are happening. 

Next, we’ll work together to help you figure out what things you’re doing right that you should keep doing, and what small, do-able things you can start with that will begin the change you want to see.  I like to ask scaling questions and what I call relational questions that help you look at your situation from different perspectives.  This will help give you some clarity about things you can start to do differently starting right away. 

My clients like this approach to counseling because they leave the counseling session with some clear ideas for next steps that are based on their own experiences which makes it more likely they will try them.  My clients also like this approach because rather than leaving the session feeling emotionally drained and raw, they leave feeling enthusiastic and motivated to try out the ideas they develop during the session.