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What to expect for the first session of Solution Focused Therapy.

Counseling/Therapy Services:

At my Grand Rapids counseling office, I offer several forms of counseling, or therapy, depending on your needs.

Individual Counseling:  

You can do individual counseling for depression, anxiety, feeling overwhelmed, seeking clarity about decisions, divorce, relationships, parenting concerns. And, of course, there are many of reasons you can get individual counseling. Individual therapy is the most common type of therapy because most people prefer the one to one sessions so they can speak freely. We’ll help you develop a better idea of what changes you’d like to make and what it will look like when you achieve these changes. Then, we’ll help you figure out what small things you can start doing that will start you on your way to your preferred future. We’ll also help you realize what things you’re doing right so you can do the things that work more often and more purposely.

Family Counseling:  

Family counseling refers to having one or both parents and at least one child together in a session.  This is helpful when there is family conflict or behavior problems to be addressed. When there is family conflict, finding ways to meet each other part way often works very well. Family therapy can help with this.  Quite often, when providing counseling for teens or children, it’s best to have parents involved in the sessions for at least a portion of the time. This helps parents stay informed about what the therapist is recommending so parents can help keep tabs on progress.

Couples Counseling:  

Most people are familiar with this form of therapy.  One benefit of couples counseling in a solution focused way is you can avoid the “blame and shame” that often makes people defensive. As a result, it’s easier for both parties to feel comfortable participating. When I do marriage counseling, I focus on what changes you’d like to see in the relationship rather than trying to help one of you convince the other that they’re wrong and need to change.  By listening to your partner answer questions about what positive changes they’d like to see in the relationship, it’s more likely you’ll be willing to meet each other part way. We also talk about which things are going well in your relationship that don’t need to change, and, of course, that helps a lot too.

ADHD Evaluations for Adults, Children, and Teenagers:  

Many adults have undiagnosed ADHD that impacts their ability to do their best at work or in college. ADHD is usually diagnosed in childhood during school.  But, some children with the disorder are overlooked because their distractibility and inattention are viewed as “laziness” or “underachieving”.  If you’re easily distracted, avoid tedious tasks, or start one task before you finish the previous task, then it’s possible you have undiagnosed ADHD. Getting an evaluation may be the first step towards performing your best at work or school.

We currently accept these insurances:

Blue Cross/Blue Shield

Blue Care Network

Priority Health


United Behavioral Health




We also do out-of-network with other insurance companies and have a sliding fee scale for those without insurance.

Here are some of the concerns I’ve been able to provide counseling for:
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Teenage anger/depression
  • Divorce issues
  • Relationships
  • Making major life decisions
  • Parenting problems
  • Family conflict
  • Teenage Cutting
  • Asperger’s Syndrome
  • Step Parenting/blended family concerns
  • Behavior Problems/School related problems
  • College life problems
  • Grief and Loss
  • Stress
  • Trauma
  • Families of Deployed Soldiers
  • Peer relationships
  • Self Esteem
  • Self confidence
  • Anger Management
  • Coping skills
  • and more

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