Useful Resources

Helpful Resources for Parents and those looking for additional resources and ideas:

Personal Development:

“Atomic Habits” by James Clear.

This is a book about developing a personal identity that sets the stage for better and healthier habits and how to start small to achieve the success you want.

You can also find this as a free audiobook on Youtube if you prefer to listen to it rather than read it.

“Tiny Habits” by BJ Fogg. This book is a great companion to Atomic Habits and goes into more depth about how we form healthy habits, what blocks us from developing the habits we want and what to do about it. It also gives very specific and user friendly strategies for developing healthy habits and cutting out bad habits. I highly recommend this book!


Love and Logic Institute:  Golden, CO

I refer to this parenting strategy site a lot.  Their approach to parenting has been successful to parents for decades.  It’s a practical and effective approach to teaching kids to be responsible, respectful, and self disciplined.  It teaches kids how to make good decisions and take ownership of their own problems, rather than letting their parents fix their problems.

1-2-3- Magic:

This is a great and simple way to train kids to follow your directions without argument.  Many parents use this approach because it’s very easy and effective.  Watch the video and you’ll save yourself a lot of stress, argument, and frustration, and your kids will be more of a joy to be around.

Local Resources:

Autism Resources:  GVSU START program

GVSU has a lot of helpful staff and resources for parents needing help with autistic children. They have also provided trainings for school staff in the past.

TED Talks:

TED stands for Technology, Education, and Design.  These talks feature scientists, educators, and other intelligent people give presentations about their experiences and findings. has the videos of these  presentations.  They run anywhere from 5 minutes to about 20 minutes.  There are lots of interesting topics to choose from and there are many psychology related presentations to which I often refer clients.

Family Based Resources

Gentler Divorce Grand Rapids      

Some couples try marriage counseling but there is just too much damage to repair the relationship. For those who have decided to end their marriage and want to proceed in the most cooperative way possible, this site shares information about collaborative divorce.  Here, you will find information about how it works, how to get started, and how to contact local collaborative divorce professionals. If you want to get divorced while preserving your children’s mental health and stability, then these professionals are a good place to start.

Experience Grand Rapids This website describes various places of interest to visit in Grand Rapids and provides historical information about Grand Rapids. If you want to learn more about the wonderful city of Grand Rapids, then give this site a look. I heart GR is a real estate site that offers lots of extras. Not only do they help you find a new home or sell your existing home, they go the extra mile by providing lots of information about the different neighborhoods in the Grand Rapids, MI area such as restaurants, family activities, and more.

Grand Rapids Kids: This website provides useful tips and information about things to do with kids in Grand Rapids. It also contains useful parenting information. For example, you can learn about upcoming health related events or get information about local resources for kids. There is also a facebook page you can join to share information and parenting stories with other parents. If you like to share thoughts and get support from other parents, then you should like being a part of this site.

Psychology Today: Psychology Today is a good resource for finding therapists in your local area. You can find my profile on their website as well as others. It can, in some cases, be a good resource for psychology articles as well. However, I recommend you read articles there with a critical eye.

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