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Self-Esteem and Why I Hate This Sign

Building legitimate self-esteem takes time and effort and this sign is basically a lie. It’s what I call “blowing sunshine”. You’re not important, special, amazing, or extraordinary merely by walking into a room. No more than you are a professional athlete merely by walking into a gym. The good news is that you CAN be important, amazing, and extraordinary if you’re willing to do the work. Start small. Do a little more today than you did yesterday. Go a little further, work a little harder, or learn a little more than you did yesterday. Then do a little more tomorrow and a little more the next day. With continued and consistent effort, you can be damn near anything you set your mind to.

People with legitimate self-esteem put in a lot of work to learn and do things they can feel good about. Many people are reluctant to put in the work to improve themselves because they compare themselves to people who are already experts. For example, someone who wants to learn to do a craft such as woodworking shouldn’t compare themselves to a master craftsman.

The master has spent years learning his or her craft. They’ve put the time in. They made lots of mistakes and failed many times and now are at the point where they can make it look easy. It wouldn’t be fair to the new woodworker to feel inferior because they are not as good as someone who has been doing it for twenty years. It also wouldn’t be fair to the master craftsman if someone could do the same quality of work as them in only a few days. But, if you’re willing to do the work, you should be able to become the master in due time.

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