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How to Say “No” When You Need To.

I’ve counseled a number of newer clients lately who are getting overwhelmed at home and work because they don’t know how to say “no” very easily.  It’s usually people who are high on the Agreeableness personality trait that have the hardest time saying no.  In other words they say “Yes” when they need to say […]

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Why I Tell Couples to Start Arguments

Quite often in my counseling practice, I tell my clients to do something that sounds counterintuitive.  I tell couples to start arguments.  However, I tell them to start an argument over something fun, such as which ice cream flavor is best.  I have them do these practice arguments using strategies we discuss in marriage counseling.  […]

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5 Things To Stop Doing to Your Husband:

I often provide counseling for men and women individually. I get to hear a lot of their concerns and complaints about what happens when their relationships go sour. Both sexes seem to have their own set of grievances. And in my counseling for men, there are some things that come up quite frequently. Here are […]